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Old Dominion University

ODU online admissions information table.

The Hook Up: A Conversation on Sexual Assault and Healthy Relationships

The Hook-Up engages audiences in a facilitated discussion about hooking-up, sexual assault and bystander intervention. This discussion is critical because it...

Virginia Commonwealth University

VCU School of Arts information table.

SEAS Workshop - Do It Now! No More Procrastinating

Do you often find yourself rushing to complete assignments on time, even though you had time to do them earlier? Are you concerned about the amount of work...

The Hook Up

Let's talk about hooking-up, sexual assault and bystander intervention. Break the stigma and promote healthy relationships.

Drunk Driving Simulator Car

The Drive Square Simulation System™ is a driving simulator that enables a trainee to drive in a virtual space, while operating the controls of an actual...

Avoid The Academic Probation Trap

Learn about academic probation, study strategies, goal setting, and time management.

Radford & UMW & VCU Transfer Planning

Prospective Students, It's time to plan your next steps... *No appointments required

SEAS Workshop - Study Hacks

Have you ever spent a lot of time studying for an exam, only to find that you still weren’t prepared? Stop wasting time with ineffective study strategies!...

Adult Career Pathways Study Skills Workshop

This workshop will provide attendees with easy and successful tips and tricks on how to study for their classes. RSVP at...