Wednesday, November 4

Alexandria Photography & Media Student Show 2020

Welcome to the 2020 juried Photography + Media student show at Alexandria. Our annual juried exhibit normally hangs in the AFA gallery each Spring. Any...

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Do It Now! No More Procrastinating

Do you often find yourself rushing to complete assignments on time, even though you had time to do them earlier? Are you concerned about the amount of work...

STEMinar - VEX VRC: The Engineering Notebook

Emerging, Proficient, Expert? Join this session to learn more about the standard components, rubrics, tips, and advice, on how to develop an engineering...

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Rec on Canvas: Meditation and Personal Development

As a participant, you will enjoy a warm welcoming environment where you can easily make friends and get to know the host. In the beginning, you'll get to...

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Wednesday, November 4