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Maj. Ryan J. Nowlin, conducting

Philip Glass reimagines Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in his second Violin Concerto. Unlike the predictable pattern of seasons in the calendar year, listeners aren’t given clues as to which order the movements and their corresponding seasons will appear in the concert. Each time it is played, the 24 possible combinations offer a surprise. In contrast, Bach’s Goldberg Variations assume an orderly path, developing the initial Aria into 30 variations. Historians believe the piece parallels seasons of life, moving up the sequence of canons to increasing understanding of one’s capabilities through bearing the unknowns of death, and eventually evoking the joy of a reunion with loved ones.

  • GLASS | Violin Concerto No. 2, American Four Seasons - MSgt Erika Sato, soloist
  • BACH / trans. Sitkovetsky | Goldberg Variations, BWV 988

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