Welcome to the first annual NOVA Fab Lab Design Challenge! Young minds in STEM have had plenty of time working at home, so we are challenging YOU to use your skills and innovation to fabricate something amazing out of something ordinary.

In the past year, manufacturers have often sold out of typical fun products like video games, building blocks, and jigsaw puzzles. In the absence of consumables, people have utilized their own creativity to invent new products for personal and family entertainment.

Your Challenge:

To invent and design a product which transforms typical household items or materials into a toy or game.

Judging Criteria:

Three industry professionals will judge your creations based on Innovation, Functionality, Feasibility, Thoughtfulness, & Appearance.

Prizes: sponsored by Amtek 

First Place Prize: a UltimakerTM Original+ 3D printer, a 1-year SolidWorks subscription, and Fabrication of Product  (includes virtual design & file support)

Second and Third Place Prize: Fabrication of Product (includes virtual design & file support)

Taking Submissions Feb 15 to April 15 at 11:59pm

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