This 4-part series focuses on emerging topics in cybersecurity and technology. NOVA faculty will present topics of interest, eld questions, and provide additional resources for educators to help understand important cybersecurity and technology concepts relevant to their classrooms. Additional resources for follow-up learning will be provided. Sessions open to any NoVA region STEM educators.


January 10 – Smart Factories

This session, the first in the four-part Cyber & Tech Innovations series, will look at the Smart Factory, an intersection of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT). Dr. Babur Kohy, a NOVA cybersecurity professor, will discuss what it takes to run a smart factory and the secure deployment of IT and OT. Supply chain security will be discussed relating to factory operations.


February 7 – Machine Learning and Daily Life Impacts

From personal assistants and search engines like Google and Siri, to selfie-filters and self-driving cars, machine learning is everywhere. In this session, IET professor Ryan Ammons will take educators on a brief journey into the nuts and bolts of how machines ‘learn’ and how these systems make possible many of the conveniences in our modern world. Attendees will explore a Google web-based tool for machine learning modelling and ways to use the tool in classrooms.


March 14 – Session 3

This session will explore an emerging and hot topic (TBA) in the tech world. NOVA IET professor Zach Lawrence will discuss the eld, challenges, and classroom applications.


March 28 – Session 4

IET professor Zach Lawrence will continue the discussion on the third session topic (TBA) and current challenges. The session will close out with resources for further review and application to the classroom.

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